Animation Tips & Tricks vol. 1 & 2

Animation Tips and Tricks

I am always on the lookout for good articles or books to read dealing with animation or the animation industry. Today I’d like to post a link to a couple of e-books that I have just started to read. They are written by a veteran animator from ILM named Shawn Kelly. Shawn Kelly is also an instructor for an awesome school

They are relatively short e-books ~100 pages so they can be read through pretty quickly. I always enjoy having some animation reading material for times when I cannot be animating but am able to get some reading done (like when I’m laying in bed at night with my iphone or having a short break between classes).

I have just started to read the first volume and can definitely say that I really enjoy it and hope to learn some new and interesting things from it. The first volume is written only by Shawn Kelly. However the second volume also has some parts written by other veteran animations from the industry including: Keith Sintay, Aaron Gilman and Wayne Gilbert.

I highly recommend taking a look at these two e-books along with all the other great resources that are provided for FREE by Animation Mentor.