Happy Holidays and Updates!

Hey everyone! First of all happy holidays to everyone. Its been a little bit since I’ve posted something but that is the life of a busy college student at the end of the semester.

Luckily that is over for a few weeks and I get some time to relax at home with family and friends. However, not all the work has stopped. Next semester is my first time attempting to make full cg short animated film with 3 other of my fellow animation students. We decided that the 15 week semester is not long enough to get the absolute best product that we could accomplish so we started preproduction work the last two weeks of the fall semester and have made goals to accomplish stuff over this winter break!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this project and have been working quite a bit already. So please stay tuned because in the next few months this blog is going to be getting lots of updates with the progress of the film! For now, however, I’ll leave everyone with a very early look at the beginnings of one of the environments thats going to be in the film– currently titled “WITHIN”.

Stay tuned…..