Week 1: Poses

So it’s coming to the end of the week and I’ve worked hard at my goal for the first week. I managed to create two poses that I think are pretty strong and I even got some good critique from some people at 11secondclub which was awesome, the feedback was very useful and I think it made both of my poses stronger. Aside from just posing characters in Maya I also, went out and did some quick gesture sketches of people on campus. This was challenging because a lot of the people were just walking so it was hard finding some unique poses to capture and because I was limited by the amount of time they were around me that also made it a challenge. Below is some pictures of some of my sketches as well as my progress of my poses with both Before and After the feedback.

sketches 02

Now here is my first attempt at each pose, the first is suppose to show exhaustion/tiredness and the second pose is suppose to portray devastation.



Now here is the second attempt at each pose based off the feedback I received.



I had a lot of fun doing this exercise and will continue to keep practicing my posing while still working on the other fundamental lessons. I’m think I’ll aim to do at least 1-2 good poses each week while working on the other exercises I’ve planned, mainly because it’s a lot of fun to pose the characters and doesn’t take a ton of extra time to at least squeeze in one each week on top of the rest of the stuff.

Stay tuned for more updates next week, for I start the good ol’ bouncing ball!