Some really good videos

So, it’s 12:25am and I can’t really sleep and decided I would share a couple of really neat videos I’ve found recently. They are both recorded talks from the CTN Animation Expo. I hope to in the near future get a chance to attend this expo as I think it seems amazing, but for now I’ve just been watching the videos from it. Anyways I’d just wanted to post them up and share them with everyone else. The first is a really interesting video from a Director/Producer Steve Hickner at DreamWorks Animation. It’s all about How to Break Into the Animation Industry and stay there. It’s quite comical but very inspiring and informative!

The second video is all about the Broad Appeal of Animation and how it went from a predominantly male dominated career to have many women enter into it. The talk is moderated by an amazing fellow named Frank Gladstone who I actually had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year when he came and gave a talk at Purdue University. I got to go out to lunch with him and a few other fellow students as well as have a QA session with him during one of my classes. Frank talks to 3 female animators from Walt Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks, about their experiences with this part of the industry and being a women in this career field.

So please take some time and enjoy the talks, they are a little lengthy but very interesting!