Week 2 Updates: Another bouncing ball!

Like I said, be ready to see many ball bounce exercises coming the near in future. If you refer to one of my earlier posts I wrote a tentative schedule of how I wanted my exercises to go throughout the summer, but I’ve come to notice that I’m going to need to slow the pace down of that plan because I’ve been learning so much on each exercise and have been getting multiple revisions of each assignment from the amazing animators over at 11SC. This has made me slow down a bit and realize that I need to really do things in small steps to maximize how much I learn.

Anyways, here is my latest ball bounce.. this time I added some Translation and Rotation to it to make it seem more realistic as to a real tennis ball bounce. It was a great learning experience to have to figure out how much to make the ball travel and how many rotations it should have. This took quite a few attempts to get right but I’m actually rather pleased with how this turned out.

My next goal is to do two balls in once scene of different weights.