Change of plans

Well once again it is another week where I havn’t gotten a around to getting back on track with the animation fundamental exercises. As much as I would like to keep trucking a long with these, I had an opportunity come up to make some money while still doing some animation for a short-term project with a professor.

So for the next few weeks for sure I’m going to be busy working 2 jobs, my first job and one that I have been doing for the past 2 years of school doing web design work for the university, and the second is now going to be this project with a professor. I am excited to get to work on it though, I am going to be responsible for developing some simplistic models, creating various different textures for characters and animating different walk cycles for each character. The characters are going to be used in an urban simulation.

Needless to say, I’m going to be very busy with these two jobs and in about a little over 2 weeks I’m going out of town to sunny Florida for a week vacation! Basically any free time I have that is not taken up by these two jobs I’ve been trying to stay off of the computer so I don’t get burnt out, I’ve been doing a lot of running and exploring new routes around campus. It’s certainly a totally different place here over the summer.

Well until next time… Enjoy the up-coming week!