Early Birds

It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a new post but, it is mainly due to the large amount of time and work that I’ve been putting into my latest short film for school. The semester just ended on Friday for me and after a grueling last couple weeks of the semester finishing up animation and putting the final product together with my teammates we have the finished version of Early Birds.

You can view the movie below:

There are certainly some issues with it, but for a 15 week deadline I believe it came out pretty well. We do plan to go back in the next couple of months and fix these problems in hopes of submitting it to a couple of festivals and competitions for student work.

Overall, I’m very proud of all the work that everyone put in to this project and I definitely can say that as a whole our group did a great job. I learned so much while working on this project and I really feel that is the best part about doing these student short films. The first attempt at making one last year was (WITHIN). We learned a great deal of what NOT to do, and we took what we learned from that project and applied it to this one, which I believe truly shows. However, like any project there will always be problems and obstacles that you have to overcome and learn from. The important thing is to carry that knowledge onto the next project.

I think I really grew my animation abilities while working on this project as well, and I think that the quality of animation definitly shows improvement from WITHIN. It is far from great but I’m happy with it.

I also want to put a special thanks to our awesome composer Austin Lawrence! We managed to get Austin to score our movie with just days left on the deadline for submission. He is an extremely talented guy and if you ever need a composer for something I’d recommend him without delay. Super professional and really understands how to make the music help tell the story. If you want to view his work or get in contact with him just visit his site below:
Austin Lawrence – Soundtrack Studios

Also another special thanks goes to Jordan West. Jordan was our character modeler, and did a fantastic job creating some really appealing bird models for us in a very short time-frame. Without Jordan’s talented character design and modeling abilities this movie would have been far less appealing. You can check out Jordan’s work at his website below:

Jordan West’s Portfolio

Hope you all enjoyed the movie and stay tuned for more updates in the future!