Animation Mentor!

Good news! I got accepted into Animation Mentor’s Character Animation program this past Monday! This has been a goal of mine for about two years now and I am very excited to begin learning from some of the best animators and educators in the industry! I know that I will learn so much from this program and cannot wait to begin in just over a month. For those who don’t know much about the program, it is an intense 18 month online animation program, where you take a total of 6 – 3 month long courses that cover all the essential aspects of animation in order to get you ready to work at the professional level. All of the mentors are currently working in the industry at the same time as teaching you! Each week we receive an assignment to animate and then we get 1 on 1 critiques by our mentors on exactly how to improve and make it better. There really isn’t any better way to learn animation than by being taught by the actual people making the amazing animated films, video games and television programs out right now!

My first class is Class 1: Basic Foundations and my mentor is a super talented animator who has worked at many top studios including Blu Sky and currently works at PIXAR! His name is Aaron Hartline and he is an amazing animator, I’m sure I will learn a ton from this experience. Once AM starts, be sure to check my blog frequently as I will be trying to post a weekly update of all my work that I did for class that week.

Aside from getting accepted into AM, I just got back from a vacation down to beautiful sunny Florida, I’m now back, refreshed, and going to be getting back to work on preparing for AM, learning more After Effects and general CG stuff as well.


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