Animation Mentor Class 1: Week 1

Wow, so Animation Mentor finally started! Two years ago, I was only dreaming of being in this program and now I am already done with my first week of class 1! The first week is very similar to many other first weeks of school, it is largely about getting acquainted with the class, the syllabus, meeting your mentor and fellow classmates and just over all introductions. There was no real assignment this first week other than to watch the intro lecture, and for everyone to fill out their profiles and introduce themselves during the live video Q&A session on Tuesday night.

The first Q&A on Tuesday night was so exciting! I finally had a chance to meet my amazingly talented and inspiring mentor Aaron Hartline. Aaron is extremely friendly, personable and overall fun guy and I know I am going to learn so much from having the opportunity to be mentored by him throughout the next 12 weeks. I also got to meet the 9 other students in my class. One thing that is so cool about it being online, is that I have classmates from ALL over the world! In my class of 10 students, there are students from Michigan, Idaho, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Lebanon, South Africa, Californa, Chicagoland area and my mentor who is also originally from the Chicagoland area as well!

If any of my readers wanted to know more about my mentor who will be guiding my classmates and I through the next 12 weeks with personal critiques of our work and advice. He has a very interesting blog over at Aaron’s Blog Some of the films he worked on include the Ice Age trilogy, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, the Veggie Tale’s television show, Up, Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and bunch of other stuff as well. The thing I found the most inspiring about him is his story of how he became an animator and how much hard work and perseverance he had to get to the point he is at now. We had the pleasure of hearing his whole story during our Q&A with him, but he also gave a commencement speech to his high school in 2010 which tells just about the same story he told us and I really think that anyone who wants some inspiration to pursue their dreams no matter what life throws at you should take a watch HERE

I am so excited to hit the ground running in week 2 with our first assignment of sketching and posing our characters. I’ll be posting a blog update each week with the progress of my work throughout each course so be sure to check back each week!

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