AM Class 1: Week 5 – Anticipation, Squash & Stretch, Obstacle Course

Week 5 is over and it was kind of a crazy week for me. I knew that I would have to work extra hard this week because I had to attend a wedding out of town and would be leaving Friday. So I essentially lost 2 whole days where I could have worked on my assignment further. I put in a lot of hours from Sunday – Friday morning to make sure I made the best use of the time I had to get this week’s work done. We had a lot on our plate this week. First, we had to do sketches and pose our character Stu in a devastated pose. Devastation was another harder pose to avoid cliché in. During our QA my mentor discussed some of the common things you will see in ALL devastated/sadness poses. He pointed out how the shoulders will come up to the head as it droops down to offer self comfort. Also we tend to curl into a more closed position, very rarely will a person who is devastated be striking a very broad pose. This inward/closed body language is again for self-comfort.

Below is the progress my pose went through starting from sketches, into the pose I submitted and then my mentor’s critiques and the revision based on his notes.

Next, we had to apply the principles of Anticipation, and Squash & Stretch on a ball going through and obstacle course. The goal of this assignment was for us to learn the basics of anticipation through the use of squash and stretch which is just ONE of the many methods of showing anticipation along with weight. The ball had to show these principles without looking too cartoony or characterized. Essentially it had to start off like a characterized ball then move through the rest of the obstacle course as if it were a regular basketball/soccer ball. This assignment really tested us on how well we understood the previous principles of timing, spacing, weight, and arcs. This assignment took everything we had learned so far and added it all together a long with the new concepts of anticipation and squash & stretch. I spent a lot of timing really planning this animation out on paper and thinking it through before I jumped into the computer to make sure I had a good plan for this assignment. Spending this extra time planning also allowed me to get through this assignment with a tighter deadline than normal.

Below is my planning and the first attempt at the obstacle course prior to my mentor’s critique:

My mentor had some small changes to the assignment but overall he was pretty happy with how it turned out! I was thrilled to see I didn’t have any major notes because I worked really hard on this assignment and I was worried I wasn’t going to do a good job on it because of my tighter deadline.
His notes were:

  • Adjust the anticipation in the very beginning – make the ball lean INTO the arc not away
  • Make the immediate frame after the initial jump delayed 1 frame longer so it doesn’t look like the ball is staying in place
  • Adjust the arc on 3rd bounce before it drops down to the half-pipe – make the arc less tall essentially and a little wider
  • Adjust the speed of the rolling in pipe it should not accelerate once it has started to reverse direction
  • Remove 2 of the rocks back/forward at the end and make it come to a settle faster

Here is my attempt at addressing his notes with my revision:

So… after a long week and kind of a long post, I am already back to work on Week 6 stuff — Overlapping Action and Follow-through! Stay tuned for a new post at the end of this week!


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