AM Class 2 – Week 2: Blocking

Week 2 is here, and that means it’s time for another update on my progress at Animation Mentor. This week we moved from the planning stage to the blocking stage of our shot. A little review of what blocking is for those that are just reading my blog now or are unfamiliar with this term. Blocking is the process in animation of getting your idea across as clearly as possible and as fast as possible. A blocking pass is what an animator will do after he has planned out his shot. In the blocking pass you want to get as much of the shots information in it as clearly as possible. The idea is that a director/supervisor should be able to look at your blocking pass and know exactly where the shot is going and have a rough sense of the timing of the shot. The blocking pass may look “rough” because it is typically done in “stepped” tangents where no inbetween motion is shown, just the main Key Poses, Breakdowns, and Extremes.

So this week, was the first pass of blocking, and next week we move into Blocking Plus/Refining stage, and the final week is a Polishing phase where we just are adding that final sweet 10% of the animation, the “salt and pepper” as Bobby Beck calls it.

Below is my first pass at Blocking the shot:

AM Class 2 – Week 2: Blocking from matt sackley on Vimeo.


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