AM Class 2 – Week 5: Car Push Blocking

Hey everyone, week 5 has come and gone at AM and I have another quick update this week. So after getting my planning accomplished last week for my “push a heavy object” assignment, I had to start blocking the animation this week. The first thing I realized when I began to lay out my scene was that, without several camera cuts, or a decent amount of camera animation I probably was not going to be able to achieve my first idea for the shot; which consisted of Stewie pushing his broken car up a hill and it rolling down the other side.

So I had to rethink my shot without having to totally start from scratch and plan it all over again. I decided to have him push his car up a ramp into the back of a truck, only to have him slip and have the car roll back down the ramp. Overall,  I think I’m happy with the blocking so far, I’ll have to wait and see what feedback I get. I am already having a lot of fun with this animation though! Its been fun to get to work with a brand new character that had more ability to show emotion — hooray eyes! Anyways, going to keep the post short this week. Check by next week for another update on my shot after it goes into refining.


AM Class 2 – Car Push Blocking from matt sackley on Vimeo.

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