AM Class 2 – Week 6: Car Push Refining

I can’t believe it but Class 2 is already half-way over! Week 6 was full of work taking my shot from blocking to spline. During this refining stage, I had to address the notes I received during my critique as well. Week 6 was also interesting because, my normal mentor had gone on vacation for the week and we had a substitute mentor for both our critique and Q&A session. My substitute mentor was Jay Jackson! Jay is an old-school Disney Animator and has also worked on some really great high-end VFX and CG productions as well. Jay started his career at Disney back in the late 70’s and actually got to work with the last few remaining 9 Old Men. Currently, he works as a freelance animator doing a lot of commercial and television spots. He had some really great advice and information during the Q&A session and some really helpful notes on my shot as well.

I’m really enjoying animating this shot because I’m learning a lot about strength of pose and adding “force” into your poses. Both external and internal forces are very important when animating, especially on a shot like this where I need to show weight. Well, I’m going to keep this another short post, but stay tuned for my next one, as I will have a polished/final version of this shot completed! I will also have my planning for my third and final shot of the term!

Refining Pass:

AM Class 2 – Week 6: Car Push Refining from matt sackley on Vimeo.

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