AM Class 2 – Week 7: Polishing the Car Push & Planning Final Assignment

Week 7 was quite a full week, first and foremost I got a great e-Critique from my mentor which included some excellent feedback on how to really polish up my shot. Overall, the feedback was really positive and he gave me some great ideas on how to solve the area of my shot that I was struggling the most with which was the final push before the fall.

Part of being an animator is learning not to get too attached to a specific idea, because in production directors (or mentors) will change their minds. After my critique I tried various different solutions to try and fix the final 60-70 frames of my assignment but it eventually just came down to the solution of scrapping it and just re-doing the last chunk very carefully. Honestly, I’m very happy with that decision because I think overall it greatly improved the last section of the animation from where it was at.

Polished Shot

AM Class 2 – Week 7: Car Push Polishing from matt sackley on Vimeo.

This week we also had to begin planning our third and final shot of the term. This assignment we get to use the full Stewie character who now has arms to work with! Below is the planning I did for the shot, including some embarrassing video reference for your enjoyment!

Video Reference

Planning Sketches and Story Breakdown

I am off to enjoy a little bit of a break before the next hectic week of work and animating begins! Stay tuned…

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