AM Class 3: Week 3 – Polishing

Three weeks sure goes by fast! I had to take my Stan shot from concept to final polish in that time. This meant going straight from blocking to splining without an extra week for blocking plus. However, from what I understand this is actually more common in the studio environment and that the blocking plus stage is not really as common in the studios. I had to really have a clear idea and clean planning to pull this shot off in the time frame.

I received my critique on Monday and it was a huge relief to hear my mentor really liked my shot. He said it was a very good example of what this assignment required and I did a good job executing it within the time frame. He gave me some really useful notes on how to take it the extra mile and polish it up even more too! I took those notes and applied them to the shot I’m showing in this post. I still think there is plenty of room for improvements though. Overall, I really am happy with this shot and had a ton of fun animating it! I feel as though a lot of the things I struggled with in Class 2 have improved in this assignment. Being able to see the improvement is always a great feeling.

Here is the polished version:

Stay tuned as we are now getting into the collaborative part of the class and the story pitches are already due later this week! I’m really excited to get to working on the collaborative sequence and cannot wait to update all you with how it is going!

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