AM Class 3: Week 10 – Refining

Well it has been a bit since I posted an update on the shot I’m working on for the collaborative sequence in Class 3. It is currently week 10, which means next week is the final week to get the last majors adjustments done on this shot before we call it “final”. I’m sorry for the less frequent updates but the format of the collaborative classes make it not really worth while to post an update each and every week. However, Class 4 I will be back to posting weekly updates because I really enjoy making these posts and getting to see my progress from week to week.

So without further wait, here is the latest version of my shot.

Second Pass of Splining from matt sackley on Vimeo.

It has gone in to “refining” meaning I have moved all the curves into splines and have been working tirelessly to smooth out all of the kinks in it. Next week, I’ll be addressing any notes I get from my mentor, and finessing it as much as possible until it’s due. Once the sequence is completed, I will post both my two shots separate and the entire sequence as a whole so you can see it! It’s been a really great experience getting to work on a sequence with a bunch of other animators and I definitely have learned a lot from doing it!

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