AM Class 2 – Week 9: Blocking Plus

Another week of animating has flown by! This third and final assignment of Class 2 has been quite a learning experience. Thankfully, we have been given 1 whole extra week to complete this assignment. I really think that should help because it’s amazing how much more work gets added to animating a character when you add arms to it! All of a sudden you have to figure out the best methods for dealing with your character interacting with props, and tracking arcs on two extra appendages. I certainly have had my fair share of obstacles to overcome with this assignment, especially with the process of dealing with an FK/IK switch in the arms and re-timing animation that has all sorts of constraints on it. I have dealt with constraints in the past but it was not as involved as this. Thankfully, I think I have managed to solve my issues and found a decent workflow to complete this assignment.

This week, we were told to take our assignment out of stepped tangents and start moving into spline tangents. The next two weeks will be just constant tweaks and polishing until the assignment is due. I really didn’t touch many of the curves yet other than a very general pass over them. The next two weeks are going to be where I really get into the graph editor and start going to town on the curves! The final version is due week 11 and during week 12 we have to create our progress reel and take the end of the term survey. We only have 2 days off between Class 2 ending and Class 3 starting so I am going to be busy until sometime in June!

Anyways, that is it for this week; below is the first version of my splined shot.

AM Class 2 – Week 9: Blocking Plus from matt sackley on Vimeo.

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