Quick Key MEL Script

Today, I decided to work on my MEL scripting abilities and make a little Quick Keying tool to aid in the blocking process of animation. I’m certainly no TD but, I think it is certainly useful to have some knowledge of scripting to speedup your workflow. I got this idea from my good friend and fellow animator Erik Wright who made a some what similar tool. I actually had to ask him for a bit a help on one section because I wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing it, thankfully I got my questions answered and made this quick little script.

I want to keep adding more functionality to it over time and maybe clean it up and make the UI a little prettier as well. It was a nice little break from animating, I think it’s good to switch up thinking in certain ways to keep fresh. So going from thinking hardcore in terms of pure animation to doing some scripting was nice. Also I’m going to actually try this tool out while blocking my next shot to see how much it actually speeds up my workflow. In the future I might even add another page on here that includes scripts that I start making on the side, who knows…

Below is a screenshot of the script:

To try out the script you can CLICK HERE to download the MEL file. You may need to Right Click > Save Target As to download it depending on your browser.

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